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With a vision to excel and create wonders in all the fields, SSCET has formed various clubs like music club, sports club, literary club, health club, etc. to provide a whole time recreation and enjoy life to the fullest along with their academics.

These clubs help the students to develop all-round personality and a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, team spirit as well as to provide a backdrop for the development of their creative talents.

Speakers Club

Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. At the same time, having knowledge is different than being able to express it. For the complete development of one’s personality, the power of both knowledge and its articulation brings a person to perfection. At Speakers club, both are given equal importance. This club organizes seminars, conferences, debates, presentations etc. and prepare students for various interviews. PDPs, GDs, Guest Lectures etc. are all conducted and organized by this club.

Writers Club

The members of this club can be anyone who has keen interest and talent of writing. The activities of this club involve creation of written material such as short stories, serial stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc. By holding competitions and by displaying work produced by the students, we intend to entreat interest in writing in other students as well.

Book Club

Those who consider books their mates can become member of this club. The members present their reviews about the books they read so as to help others as well as recommend good books to be procured by the college library. They also devise ways and means by which the reading habit can be inculcated among the students.

Quiz Club

The members of the quiz club shall conduct quiz programs for the students, and shall take all necessary efforts to develop expert quiz teams for the college who shall represent the college for quiz competitions.

Music Club

Various musical events organized by this club present the more talented picture of its students. Dance competitions, Orchestra Band, Singing competition etc. prove that the students of this college are not just the book worms.

Health Club

It organizes various health camps in college like Blood Donation Camps, Yoga Sessions and Health Checkups to keep both students and staff fit and fine.

Arts Club

This club refines the creative abilities of the students. Collage Making, A-V Aid Competition, Painting, Rangoli making etc. are some of the events that form the pride of this club.

Sports Club

Various indoor games and outdoor sports activities are conducted throughout the year keeping in mind the harmonious development of the students The members of the sports club would organize periodic matches and events to enable students to participate and compete in different sports and games. They shall also co-ordinate and conduct the sports day of the college. They shall bring awareness among the students about the various sporting events and sportspersons. They may also cooperate with the quiz club members for conducting sports quizzes.

The sports facilities in the college include :

  • Basketball, Football
  • Volleyball, Cricket
  • Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis
  • Lawn Tennis, Chess
  • Caroms, Athletics

Media club

The members of this club would be engaged in studying the world of advertising. This would include analysis of particular types of advertisements, the effects of advertisements, the effectiveness of different types of advertisements, different types of promotional activities, best offers, new ads, Ad quiz, Ad articles etc. The members of this group would also be involved in scanning the print media including newspapers and periodicals. They would prepare the following information:

  • Must-read news of the day
  • Must-see newspaper photograph of the day
  • Must-see newspaper cartoon of the day
  • Important events of last week
  • Article of the Week
  • Article of the Month
  • Personality of the Month


NSS Club

The college has N.S.S unit endeavoring to promote all kinds of community oriented programs. All these programs foster in students a sense of belonging to a society and also a spirit of social service. The aim of national service scheme is to develop in students a sense to help the weaker section of the community and to bridge the gulf between the educated and uneducated masses. It develops among the youth, sense of social and civic responsibility and completeness required for group loving and sharing responsibility.

Voyage Club

We take the hassle out of travel, so you have all the fun. This Club organizes educational trips

Image Club

The members of this club shall identify classics and movies that carry a lesson or a message, which can be shown to the student community. The movies can be in any language. The purpose is to understand cinema of different kinds, appreciate widely acclaimed movies and to understand how the medium of cinema is used or can be used for gaining useful insights or inspiration.

Theatre Club

The members of this club organizes plays, dramas that will be helpful to students for development of their communication skills.