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The laboratories in the College form an integral part of their respective Departments and feature advanced facilities on par with those in the premier institutions in country. The Central Computer Lab in the College is also a full-fledged and futuristic resource-centre with nearly 300 nodes connected to the campus-wide LAN.

Language Lab

The College has a state-of-the-art English Language Laboratory that aims at honing the English language proficiency and communication skills of students, as these skills are so essential to fare better not only in academics at the college but also in the career of their choice.

Computer LAN

The college has very good support facilities in the form of a campus-wide Local Area Network. The departmental computer-to-students ratio works out to 1:2.4 for the college. A large number of leased software packages are available in each department to meet the specific requirements. The college has 4Mbps Broad Band Leased line internet connectivity.


A 10 Mbps leased line from BSNL, 20 mbps broadband, 10 mbps National Knowledge Network and Wi-Fi with 9 transmitters provides 24-hr Internet facility for the students and staff.