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About the Mechanical Department

ChairmanMechanical Engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering and the history of Mechanical Engineering begins from the time when man started making the stone tools.. The field of mechanical engineering continued its expansion till date and many of its branches are now independent disciplines in technical institutes. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the finest departments of this institute. The Department has highly qualified faculty and staff who work with packed devotion and enthusiasm. The department keeps up with the ever varying challenges of the modern day industry and is firm in its commitment to produce erudite and conscientious mechanical engineers. 

Instructions are imparted in the areas of energy conversion, refrigeration, design of mechanical components and machines, production engineering, techniques of management, computer programming, numerical analysis and CAD/CAM. Design and fabrication projects are also undertaken as a part of the curriculum. This is the star-studded department of the institution. The thrust of the Mechanical Engineering Department is upon imparting the basic knowledge in the area of Mechanical engineering viz. Heat & Thermodynamics, Workshop Technology, Engineering Graphics. The department has fully equipped Workshop, labs and highly motivated and well-qualified faculty. Acclimatization with the diverse industry processes such as machining and testing is furnished by the well-equipped laboratories and workshops viz foundry shop & sand testing equipment, machine shop, smithy shop, electric shop, sheet metal shop, fitting shop and welding shop.

Mechanical Engineering Department offers educational programs designed to prepare students for professional career by developing a sound base in fundamental engineering sciences.

The graduate program in Machanical Engineering is intended to develop individual initiative, creativity, talent, leadership and the capability to develop, follow and adopt new technologies in the field of Machanical Engineering.

The department has purposeful linkages with organizations like VSP, Hindustan Shipyard, Hindustan Zinc, BHPV, FACOR, Zindal Steels, Etikoppaka Sugars etc.

Infrastructure & Labs :

  • Workshop
  • Production Technology Lab
  • Machine Tools
  • Metrology Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Thermal Engineering Lab
  • Mechanics of Solids Lab
  • Metallurgy & Instrumentation Lab
  • Fuels & Lubricants Lab
  • Mechanics of Fluids Lab